Why replace when you can reface your kitchen cabinets

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Why replace when you can reface your kitchen cabinets?

The kitchen is a major hub in any home, it adds 20% value to many homes, it is the center of the party and there is always action as it is a room for gathering.

For these reasons you want your kitchen to look nice, be up to date and in tune with the latest trends. Ripping out and replacing with a whole new kitchen can be costly. The cabinets of your kitchen usually stay in good shape and do not need replacing. The doors are in great shape too.

  • Having your kitchen cabinets re-finished saves time, money and hassle of going through having the entire kitchen pulled out re-built.
  • You can get the same look for a fraction of the cost.

    Images courtesy of Renaissance Painters

When we go through the process of kitchen cabinet refinishing, we like to know we are using the best in the business which is why we use Renaissance Painters who have been in the business for over 30. They know what they doing and can cater for custom colours, shades, lustres and special effects. So whatever it is you are looking to create, we can arrange a consultation to discuss the many possibilities.

By using a company that has an abundance of experience in kitchen cabinet refinishing we eliminate any potential issues that can occure when applying a finish over an existing finish. For example if your cabinets have been previously finished with an oil based product and you hire a company that applies a new finish to your kitchen doors without first checking the existing finish, it will cause cracking and peeling. By using kitchen cabinet restorers that have experience they will eliminate these problems from happening.